Step One to Diversifying Your WorkForce: Get the right help

Stop hiring consulting firms to search for diversity- if they themselves are not diverse. If you are wondering how to determine if the firm is diverse, email me I will walk you through some simple tricks.

Back to my point, how can a firm help create a diverse team if they are not practicing diversity in house? In my opinion they cannot help you. Yes, they can find diverse candidates and tell you to hire them. No, they won’t be able to point out your flaws and why that same candidate you spent money finding will leave within the first 2 years. Asking consultants for help is encouraged, but I also encourage you to ask them the right questions.

Here are a few questions to start:

  1. Is the consulting firm practicing diverse?

  • Check the website, research the partners

  • Ask within your request for services for a breakdown of the company’s diversity by percentage

  1. Will someone diverse be on your consulting team?

  • A diverse team brings about better results, on any project the rule of thumb is to create a skillful yet diverse team

  1. What are their beliefs and practices for diversifying the workforce?

  • Research the white papers published by current staff

  • Look into organizations they are supporting, personally or as an organization

  1. What guidance will be provided to sustain a diverse workforce?

  • Will the consultant provide a long-term roadmap and suggested checkpoints?

  • How will the consultant address integration of diversity into the current work environment?

These few questions will help to understand if the firm is a good fit for diversity initiatives. Creating a good start will lead to a better end.

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