What's the Cost?

Everyone wants to know the cost to "write a book". However, as with many other things in life, the cost to write a book is not a flat rate. I personally, calculate cost according to size, content, subject and timeline of the project.


For example, if you need a dictionary about your life within 3 months that will cost much more than a single subject focus over 8-9 months.


Moreover, as a writer cost will be adjusted according to your previous or future book contract, contingent either involves me.


For example, Ghostwriting often cost more than Co-writing. As a Ghostwriter I get paid up front and go away once your project is complete, there are no other profits for me to collect. As a Co-writer I am able to negotiate a percentage of the sales points in your book contract. In addition, I continue to promote the project regularly to sustain residual interest and income for myself which is beneficial to you long-term. 




All quotes for ghostwriting require a 20% deposit to get started. A non-disclosure agreement is available for all authors and negotiable to the extent the client is comfortable. 


For pricing on your project contact me


Are you already an accomplished writer (blog, magazine) but want to write a book and not sure where to start? This service is for you.


To learn more about consulting services contact me


Co-writing is a popular choice for many of my clients. Primarily because the book can be completed faster. As a co-writer I too own the topic and content and therefore I am able to add more context around ideas which wllows for more word count towards the goal.  


Contact me for a quote on your project 

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