Book |The Weight is Over


Role |Co-Writer

Grammy nominated singer, songwriter Syleena Johnson delivers another noteworthy project. Chronicling her journey to loving all of herself in front and behind the cameras, on and off stage. Syleena fights the same battles as the average woman but with a spotlight that never turns off. Despite the negative blogs, entertainments news, record labels and some family members opinions; Syleena's able to find love for herself, the love of her life and body image acceptance throughout the years.


Syleena gives readers hope, ways to deal with body image and tips to find the right size, weight and support for their goals.  


Take the journey of a superstar where every photo matters, every comment is scrutinized and everyone has an opinion. It’s enough to drive anyone crazy but Syleena in all her strength has overcome these things, the weight is over… get ready.

Book |Love + Therapy = Poetry


Role |Author 

This was honestly the hardest project to complete because it was so personal. Over many years I wrote poetry here and there. Sometimes at random on a napkin in a restuarant or in class when my mind would wander. I took all of that poetry and compiled a book. The amazing part is there was so much I didn't have room to fit it all. I held back plenty which I thought people were not ready to read. Truly, its me not ready to let go and be judged for it. All I can say is this is one of many poetry books I plan to release.


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Happy Reading!

Book | In Progress- Health and Wellness             Genre


Role |Ghostwriter

I am working with a new client that is building reputation throughout the country fast. I am happy to be involved in this project and help tell his compelling story. There are many aspects from personal relationships impacting wellness to business decisions that leads into multiple paths of wellness. The book focuses on bringing all aspects of body, mind and spirit into completeness to truly be well. Missing any or all three can change how we make decisions and ultimately our lifestyles overall. The client is one of a kind in my eyes and I am looking forward to him sharing his story with everyone later year! 


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